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We offer Employment Law, Mediation, EEO and Administrative (Harassment and Misconduct) Investigations, and a full range of Human Resources Consultation Services for businesses of all sizes.


The Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC offers legal services to businesses (small, medium size and large corporations) in employment law matters.  Whatever the employment law issue, you can rest assured the Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC has the requisite skills to handle the employment law issue.  Whether it's training, responding to federal and/or state agencies regarding employment law regulations, responding to EEOC claims or representing your firm at an unemployment law hearing, we are here to answer your legal questions and to represent you as needed.  

Alternative Dispute Resolution - Mediation

Attorney Newman is a Certified Florida Supreme Court Circuit Civil Mediator, specializing in employment law disputes.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where an employee and an employer discuss and choose possible solutions to resolve a dispute. It involves the help of an independent and impartial person, called a mediator, who helps the parties reach a resolution, which is acceptable to all parties involved. The mediator helps facilitate the discussion and assists the parties by providing a venue where they can confidentially discuss each other's position, listen respectfully to each other, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages and costs of litigation.

If the mediation leads to a settlement, a mediator can assist the parties in drafting the settlement agreement. If it does not lead to a settlement, the parties are free to continue mediation sessions until the dispute is resolved, or an "impasse" may be declared, at which time the parties may chose to litigate their claims in a court of law.

Human Resources and Business Consulting

Are you a business owner? Well trained managers, especially ones who can spot legal issues before they become lawsuits, make the difference between disaster and success for companies. Managers who understand their legal responsibilities can save your company millions of dollars in legal fees, thousands of hours of lost time, and keep employee retention high. Need help with your position statements in response to Equal Employment Opportunity Commision (EEOC) claims? Contact the Law Office of Annette Newman, LLC to assist you with presenting the most effective response on behalf of management to allegations of discrimination. Attorney Newman defends employers against charges of discrimination and takes care in preparing and drafting effective position statements. Attorney Newman also reviews position statements drafted internally by companies and provides counseling and guidance to employers seeking the most effective response to a charge of discrimination.

EEO and Misconduct Investigations

Attorney Newman is a Certified Federal EEO Investigator.  Our firm works with a team of Certified EEO investigators who are routinely engaged to conduct Title VII and non-Title VII internal investigations, fact-findings, and mediations for public (e.g., USDA, NNSA, VA, USAID, USPS, NPS,) and private clients.